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Funskool and Brown Vamp II Clutch 4/26/16

April 26, 2016

Finally, the last two of the Clutch series that started in 2012. In India, a bright green Vamp was released. Since we received a tan and brown Vamp II, figured a brown Clutch would be appropriate.

And, in case you missed the rest, here are all the Clutch’s done for this project.


Street Fighter, Super Cop, and Autobot Clutch 10/2/14

October 2, 2014

As promised in May, here are the light blue version of Super Cop, Street Striker Clutch, and, as a bonus, Autobot Clutch

Tiger Force and Super Cop Clutch 5/4/14

May 4, 2014

Back in November 2012, I posted the first two of a series of Clutch customs. After a year and half, I finally found the time for two more, Tiger Force and Super Cop. Super Cop, much like MRF Clutch, has an alternate head. I went with lighter hair and a mustache to harken back to the original Super Cop.

Next for the series will be a light blue version of Super Cop and Street Striker Clutch. I have an idea for another one, but I need a Stalker 83 waist to finish him up. If you can help please let me know.

SAS and Funskool MRF Clutch 11/13/12

November 13, 2012

A long time ago, a fellow joe fan with a rather spectacular VAMP collection asked me to make custom Clutch’s for each variation that he had. We had them narrowed down to SAS, Funskool MRF, Tiger Force, Funskool Super Cop, Street Fighter Street Striker. Also had a brown Clutch to go with the VAMP 2, since the tan Clutch works better for the tan mail-in VAMP.

Well, life got in the way, and I’m terrible at commission turn around times, and almost three years later, here are two customs :-)

First is SAS Clutch

Next is Funskool MRF Clutch. I did alternate heads based on the Funskool Clutch I found on
Image Image

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