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Modern AT design

November 1, 2013

The AT is hot right now. I’m seeing AT stuff on a lot of the boards, and for good reason…it’s awesome. I’ve been toying with the idea of the modern AT and what they would look like. The original AT are so iconic, but are based on Action Soldier (Man of Action), Action Marine (Land Adventurer), Action Sailor (Sea Adventurer), Green Beret (Commander), etc. So as I was looking for ideas for a modern look, I had to think outside the box because the original designs are too dated at this point.

Conceptually, this is what I came up with on a whim today, based on a PMC look, adding yellow and red for color.

WIP - ModernAT (PMC)

Cobra Dino-Hunters 5/31/13

May 31, 2013

His look was completely dictated by the Poacher artwork, and his colors were inspired by Kraven the Hunter (Marvel Comics). Zanzibar’s (1987) muscular physique translates well for Gnawgahyde, and his open shirt with necklace, along with Snow Serpent’s (1991) furry boots wraps up the Kraven appearance. His head/headgear was the hardest (based on the artwork), and Flint’s (1994) desert beret was initially tried in jest, yet it turned out awesome. Just like the Outback Adventurer, I used General Hawk’s (1992) weapon set and a knife (originally packaged with Roadblock from 1992), for good measure.

Parts List
Head: Gnawgahyde 89
Arms: Zanzibar 87
Chest: Zanzibar 87
Waist: Snow Serpent 91
Thighs: Snow Serpent 91
Feet: Snow Serpent 91
Pistol- General Tomahawk 00
Rifle- General Tomahawk 00
Launcher & Missile- Jungle Camo D-Day 95
Knife- Shipwreck 02
Beret- Flint 94

Lt. Clay Moore
His look was based on the Trap-Viper design. A Bronze Bomber head was almost used, but it was not mean enough. Balrog’s head fixed this and matched with the G.I. Joe Club Shock Viper Commander (based on Ice Cream Soldier from 1994), which in turn gave me this character’s name. To make the team more cohesive, Clay Moore shares Gnawgahyde’s headgear from Flint (1994).

Parts List
Head: Balrog 93
Arms: Shockwave 88
Chest: Viper 02
Waist: Snake Eyes 97
Thighs: General Flagg 04
Feet: General Flagg 04
Machine Gun- Gung Ho 01
Beret- Flint 94

The design for this figure was inspired by the Resolute Trooper. Big Ben’s (1991) legs were chosen primarily for the gators around the feet, while the waist, Roadblock (1986), was chosen because it had belt with pouches to mimic the look of the Resolute Trooper vest. The arms originally had shoulder armor, but this did not match figures from that era. Shockwave’s (1988) arms were used for their simplicity. The chest and head proved to be more difficult. To solve this, I chose to use a standard Viper (1986) torso, and the head, Beach-Head (1993), gave a great helmeted balaclava look. This part, coincidentally, inspired the character’s codename.

Parts List
Head: Beach-Head 93
Arms: Shockwave 88
Chest: Viper 90
Waist: Snake Eyes 04
Thighs: Big Ben 02
Feet: Big Ben 02
Rifle- Viper 89
Claw- Storm Shadow 04
Launcher- Iceberg 93
Missile- Backblast 93

Dino-Tracker (virtual custom)
Since this figure was the last to pop up, his inclusion was a last minute decision. I wanted to use an armored look without using Tripwire’s skinny mold, and I had already used Barricade (1992) for a custom Tripwire. The head and gear, Night Viper (1989) are about only good night-vision goggles from the vintage line.

Adventure Team 5/30/13

May 30, 2013

Talking Outback Adventurer
This figure is entirely Outback (1993), and his color scheme is inspired by the Adventurer Team White Tiger Hunt. His accessories originated from the Outback/Poacher artwork having a large revolver. The General Hawk (1992) magnum was the first choice, and using his entire accessory set was an homage to the Talking Adventure Team figures from the 1970s.

Parts List
Head: Outback 93
Arms: Outback 93
Chest: Outback 93
Waist: Outback 93
Thighs: Outback 93
Feet: Outback 93
Backpack and Antenna- General Hawk 92
Pistol- General Hawk 92
Rifle- General Hawk 92

Raider Adventurer
Like the Mercenary and Archer, Raider was approached using parts close to the proposed Jurassic Park figure. Zanzibar’s (1987) head seemed odd at first, but after removing the top of the head and pony tail (which are separate pieces), it worked great. Flint’s (1985) webgear and belt are distinct, so I stayed with those and built the design around the Flint figure.

Parts List
Head: Zanzibar 87
Arms: Hardball 88
Chest: Flint 85
Waist: Flint 85
Thighs: Flint 85
Feet: Flint 85
Missile and Launcher- Combat Sgt. Savage 95
Rifle- Combat Sgt. Savage 95
Pistol- Combat Sgt. Savage 95
Knife- Combat Sgt. Savage 95
Crossbow- Scarlett 84

Mercenary Adventurer
This figure was approached as if he would have been released in 1993. After the AT/Dino-Hunters were canceled, his head and accessories were recycled into other lines (Street Fighter: Movie Edition and Sgt. Savage respectfully). I wanted to follow the recipe of using Roadblock parts, and the 1993 legs worked well. The head and torso are not accurate to the unreleased 2011 figure, but they do give him a great look.

Parts List
Head: Movie Edition Guile
Arms: Sgt. Slaughter 88
Chest: Snake Eyes 91
Waist: Roadblock 93
Thighs: Roadblock 93
Feet: Roadblock 93
Machine Gun & Tripod- Cryo-Freeze Sgt. Savage 95
Ammo Box- Cryo-Freeze Sgt. Savage 95
Pistol- Cryo-Freeze Sgt. Savage 95
Knife- Cryo-Freeze Sgt. Savage 95

Archery Adventurer
The bow and arrow set was released for Jurassic Park and Street Fighter: Movie Edition. As ridiculous as they are, these accessories work well for the time period. The approach for this figure was to use parts close to Ash Skullstriker: Gung Ho’s waist/legs and Red Dog’s head. Gung Ho’s original straight-head torso from 1983 would not work, so Wild Card’s (1988) made a great substitute.

Parts List
Head: Red Dog 87
Arms: Cutter 93
Chest: Wild Card 88
Waist: Gung Ho 84
Thighs: Gung Ho 84
Feet: Gung Ho 84
Bow & Arrows- Jurassic Park T-Rex Turner
Sheath- Wild Card 88
Machete- Muskrat 88
Pistol- Cryo-Freeze Sgt. Savage 95

Air Adventurer (virtual custom)
He was not originally going to be included in the set due to the original Scrap Iron/Airborne having a straight-head torso and the parts being too skinny. Then I stumbled on Paratrooper Guile (Street Fighter: Movie Edition) design, and it worked too well not to use.

Adventure Team vs Cobra Dino-Hunters 5/29/13

May 29, 2013


Chad and I started this project for the JoeDeclassified Custom Contest. I’m going to start out showing our “marketing” piece and the inspiration for the project. Over the next several days, I’ll be posting each of the contest entries as well as customs that didn’t make the cut.

Print AT Dino-Hunters ProjectHistory

Adventure Team vs Cobra Dino-Hunters

April 16, 2013

at-dh logo

Coming Soon!