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25th Steeler 2/18/13

February 18, 2013

I have a strong affection for the Original 13 Joes. I could be happy selling off all my Joes except for those, so when I decided to purge my Modern Era Joes, I wanted to make sure I had acceptable versions of the original ones.

Steeler’s 25th offering was weak. It is more or less the same figure as 25th Clutch. I went through several mock-ups and part choices before I landed here. The Dollar General Duke gives a great base to start from, but I needed a torso and arms. The torso gives a great look that matches the original Steeler, but the arms gave me some trouble.

The original straight-arm Steeler has unique arms with a pocket on the forearm and black gloves. The swivel-arm version uses the same arms as Wild Bill, with painted on gloves. I tried using the TRU “Greenshirt” GI Joe Trooper arms with different gloves, but they were too short. I chose the Resolute Duke arms so that he and ROC Thunderbolt (Thunder) would match aesthetically. I started painting the arms and then realized that Kickstart had green arms.

Dollar General Snake Eyes 10/15/12

October 15, 2012

Wow, can’t believe it’s been almost 3 months since the last post.

Anyway, the 1991 Snake Eyes is my favorite figure of the character. When I saw that Hasbro was releasing the figure in Millenium Edition (ME) format at Dollar General stores, I was actually excited.

However, getting the figure home, there were a few things that I didn’t like. The head sits too low, and I loathe the legs used on the figure. So after brainstorming with Chad, and some trial and error, I’m much happier with this figure. I think I’ll change hands at some point, but for now he’s good.

Head, arms, and chest: DG Snake Eyes
Thighs: ROC Neo-Viper
Calves: Resolute Snake Eyes
Feet: DG Snake Eyes
Backpack- ROC Viper Commando
Gun – POC Snake Eyes
Silencer – Marauder, inc.
Knives- 25th Snake Eyes v3
Sword- DG Snake Eyes

I’m also tweaking the DG Storm Shadow, so I’ll have better pics of both figures when I finish him.

30th Sidewinder 2/21/12

February 21, 2012
Well after finishing Mayor and Ghost, I knew I wanted to tackle Sidewinder. This one was the biggest pain of all, and I’m still not satisfied with him.Anyway, for Sidewinder, I first started looking at all of the red or crimson parts. I was surprised in the variety I found. The first one I mocked-up, I still really like. Using mostly Zartan parts, I really came close to the original look with chest armor, hood, and the Zartan boots. But it really was a little too 25th for me, and didn’t have that modern look I wanted to capture.

The next iteration focused on using some of new parts, namely Snake Eyes 54 and Shock Trooper. I tried changing over to a more black base, which looked cool, but just didn’t have the right feel. Then I tried using the torso from Arctic Destro/Iron Grenadier, which I think looks great in Photoshop, but the parts didn’t blend in real life. The torso was just too large to work with these parts. And even though I didn’t want to do a lot of painting, I mocked up a Sidewinder using Resolute Destro, which looks sharp.

So back to the drawing board. I was then reminded of a the figure that got me thinking about this project in the first place, POC Cyber-Viper, a figure that used a lot of Zartan parts, but had a more red color to him. I really wanted to use the new style hands of Sidewinder, but felt that I just needed to get him finished. The Cyber-Viper didn’t have the armor of the original design, but I did like it. However, it was missing something. I tried different types of removable gear, but finally settled on the Duke bandolier, which I think really adds something to the figure.


Overall I am happy with the design, but it was a real pain matching the red/maroon. I would mix some paint, and it would look great in one light, and terrible in another. This is as close as I could get in order to finish him for the Custom Celebration.

Image Image
Click on the images to see them full size

Head: Cobra Trooper 07
Biceps: Cyber-Viper 10
Forearms: Zartan 10
Hands: Zartan 10
Chest: Cyber-Viper 10
Waist: Cyber-Viper 10
Thighs: Duke 11
Feet: Cyber-Viper 10
Hood- Zartan 10
Rocket Pistol- Zartan 10
Pistol- Duke 11
Knife- Cyber-Viper 10
Bandolier- Duke 07

30th Ghost 2/20/12

February 20, 2012

After starting Mayor, I really hadn’t planned on doing a Ghost, especially since he is Chad’s character. But then I saw Renegades Duke. Much like Mayor, I saw parts that I could use without painting. Green, baggy, cargo pants, check. Almost navy shirt, check. Cool chest armor, check. I had planned on slapping on a Renegades Cobra Commander head and calling it good.

Well, I got all the figures, and swapped out the hands with the gray ones from Steel Brigade Delta. But man, those forearms and hands on Duke are quite funky. So I tried to make cuffs for the gloves to hide the joint, but no dice. Still looked weird. Then I saw the review for Renegades Law. Same baggy green pants plus the cool holster. Much better torso, arms, and gloves. But then I’d have to paint more.

That made me think about going a little more traditional with Ghost. Picked up a Cobra Trooper (which I love because he shares the same arms and torso as Steel Brigade Delta). I removed the camo from the Duke lower legs, and all I had left to paint were the head, helmet, vest, and thighs. I really love how this guy turned out.

Click on the image to see it full size

Head: Cobra Commander 11
Arms: Cobra Trooper 11
Hands: Steel Brigade Delta 11
Chest: Cobra Trooper 11
Waist: Cobra Trooper 11
Thighs: Cobra Trooper 11
Lower Legs: Duke 10
Feet: Duke 10
Helmet- Cobra Trooper 11
Vest- Duke 11
Bag- Snake Eyes 08
Pistol & Silencer- Cobra Trooper 11
Sig550- Marauder, Inc.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the remaining member of the GI Joe Review and a group shot!

30th Mayor 2/17/12

February 17, 2012

Been sitting on this one a while, but figured it would be a good time to unveil it for the Custom Celebration VI

I hadn’t planned on doing a 30th Mayor, especially since I still haven’t completed 25th Mayor. But when I saw the Steel Brigade Delta figure, it was just too easy.

I love my original Mayor figure, but I despise painting camo. That’s why 25th isn’t finished yet. But this guy was perfect. Olive drab outfit, check. Gray head and boots, check. Could the head be any more perfect? Plus, he comes with a G36, and gun I’ve been using for Mayor since 2005.

To finish him up, I wanted to have a few more accessories. I wanted updated webgear, which proved to be trickier than I thought. I tried the SB Delta, because I loved the extra clips and binoculars, but it didn’t change Mayor’s look enough, and limited poseability. I tried the OG13 webgear, but didn’t look modern enough. Even tried the straps from Resolute Snake Eyes, but still wasn’t happy. Chad gave be a Steel Brigade vest, and it fit like a glove. Added a removable knife and it was good to go.

The last thing I wanted for Mayor was a pistol holster. The General Hawk one worked great and was already gray, so that rounded things out for me.

click on the image to see it full size

Head: Steel Brigade Delta 11
Arms: Steel Brigade Delta 11
Hands: Cobra Trooper 11
Chest: Steel Brigade Delta 11
Waist: Steel Brigade Delta 11
Thighs: Steel Brigade Delta 11
Lower Legs: Steel Brigade Delta 11
Feet: Steel Brigade Delta 11
Vest- Steel Brigade 11
Holster- G.I. Joe Hawk 08
Backpack- Gung Ho 07
Knife & Sheath- Beachhead 10
G36- Steel Brigade Delta 11
Pistol- Marauder, Inc.

Custom Pic Request

March 21, 2011

Last week david (iflocked) commented on our welcome page. He is a long time listener to the GI Joe Review and wanted to see pictures of the O-ringed 25th Anniversary Cobra Commander Chad had mentioned in the podcast.

I did some digging and found these pics from 2008. No finished shots, but you get the picture 😀

Click on the images to see them full size