Kre-o SNAKE Armor

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A few more that have been finished for a while. Helmet, armor, an accessory kits that would fit on a Cobra Trooper and Stinger Driver. 


Kre-o FLAK and HAL

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I have had these finished for a long time. Planned on showing these when I finished my kre-o MOBAT, which may never be finished. So, figured best to show them off now. 

Ghost – Spy Troops

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Late is an understatement.  Matthew finished his Spy Troops Mayor in 2009, which was six years after Spy Troops debuted, but now… now I just finished Ghost, six years after Mayor and TWELVE years since Spy Troops.  The second picture is Ghost disguised as Mayor. 🙂

ghost_st ghost_st_mayor

Here is the recipe:

HEAD: Cobra Commander 05 (JFAK cast?)
ARMS: Cross Hair 03 (modified w/ Night Creeper 03 hands)
CHEST: Wide Scope 03
WAIST: Iron Grenadier 03
THIGHS: Beachhead 04
FEET: Destro 03
PISTOL: Wild Bill 02
HELMET: Cobra Commander 05 (Master Gunzz cast)
MAYOR RIFLE: Sand Viper 03
BACKPACK: Ripper 02
SKI MASK: Sgt. Hacker 03
WEB GEAR: Dusty 02

Kre-o Class of 1984

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I originally hadn’t planned on making any customs past 1982, but some of these came together way too easy. Deep Six, however was the missing piece of the puzzle.

Deep Six: Diver

Chad and I brainstormed this guy for a while, first trying to use a Battleship Alien with no success. Really wanted him to have a larger appearance, so I added foot weights, wrist gauntlets, shoulder pads, and front/back armor. I added his pump for good measure. Base is Firefly with camo removed, Zartan shoulder pads, Ace helmet, and Flash head.

Ripcord: Paratrooper

I’m not a huge fan of the original figure, but love him in the comics. This one was straight forward, but didn’t feel complete until the addition of the pouch sticker from the Wolverine. Torso is Battleship, arms and legs are Land Adventurer, and Flash head.

Spirit: Tracker

Spirit uses more Lego than I’d prefer, but very needed. Head is Tunnel Rat, torso is Cutter, and legs are from Doc. Hair, loin cloth, and eagle are Lego.

Thunder: Artillery

Thunder was the easiest of the bunch. Ace head, Star Trek Nero torso and arms, with Tunnel Rat legs.

Kre-o Class of 1983

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As with 1982, Hasbro gave us many characters from 1983. In fact, the only G.I. Joe character Hasbro did not make was Cover Girl.

Cover Girl: Armor

Cover Girl was made from Star Trek Nero, Lady Jaye’s head, Doc’s legs, and Lego hair. Although I’ve digitally designed a lot of custom torso stickers, this is the only one that was necessary to print for my 1982-1984 project.

Kre-o Class of 1982

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I have planned an Original 13 since the Kre-o line was announced. I attempted this during both the new sculpt and the 25th eras, but lost interest in both of those lines. Although Kre-o GI Joe has probably gone the way of the dinosaurs, I’m still heavily into this line.

Starting out Hasbro gave us Rock N Roll and Stalker, who were perfect bases for most of the original 13. Add ClutchScarlett, Snake-Eyes, and Flash and we are almost 50% there. Here are the rest, in alphabetical order.

Breaker: Communications

Breaker was made from Stalker with a Adventure Team head. Helmet and headset are from

Grandslam: Artillery/JUMP Operator

Grandslam was made from Flash with a Brickforge helmet and a custom Lego JUMP.

Grunt: Infantry

Grunt was one of the easier, made almost entirely from Rock N Roll.

Hawk: Radar

I would have preferred Silver straps for Hawk, but still looking for the perfect decal solutions. For now, using Stalker as a base works for me.

Short-Fuze: Artillery and Zap: Bazooka Soldier

These two use Rock N Roll as a base. As with Hawk, I haven’t been happy with torso decals, so both of these get body armor.

Steeler: Armor

Steeler uses a Battleship torso with Stalker legs. His visor was purchased from

General Flagg

General Flagg is the bonus figure here. Base is from a Battleship figure, head is Lifeline, hat from BrickForge, and modified Lego hair.

Darknut – Legend of Zelda

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With the release of the Jakks Pacific Link, I have been on a huge Legend of Zelda kick.  After seeing the Terra figure Razhan Mol: The Unholy at Target, I picked up this “statue” because it looked too much like a Darknut from the LoZ series.

The shield was made from the bottom of tin can w/ styrene and elastic.

This figure had no articulation, so on a whim, I cut off his right arm, and then his left (I had already pulled the shield off his back with much effort).  Luckily I found that the figure was not a solid cast but glued together.  After some boiling in water, I was able to remove the legs at the waist and the head at the neck.

To add articulation to the shoulders, I used knee joints from the Epic Tunnel Clash Hulk.  After much grinding and sculpting, the shoulders were finished.  The pegs for the shoulders I made from styrene rods.  After realizing that he would never be able to hold the shield correctly without elbow articulation, I took the joints from the ankles of the above Hulk figure.

The head and waist were articulated using a 1×1 technic brick (#6541) and a friction connector peg (#2780).  Styrene was inserted into the pegs to widened them to “lock” the pieces together.

The sword and part of the hilt were originally removable, but the bottom of the hilt was in the figure’s hand.  Using a small drill bit and a dremel, I cut out the hilt and glued it back together, along with some sculpting to keep the texture of the hilt.

The shield was made from the bottom of a soup can (yep) after realizing that the shield that came with the figure really was not right for a Darknut.  The elastic straps fit nicely into a piece of styrene that was cut and glued inside of the shield.

The cape is fabric.  After several design attempts, I drew on the final pattern and outlined it in Mod Podge.  When it was dry, I trimmed along the line to prevent fraying.

Both stickers, on the belt buckle and shield, are clear labels.  I printed them in black (the centipedes were left “clear” and the circle was black).  After applying the shield sticker, I painted over the black with charcoal gray paint.

Since there are so many Darknut’s in the Zelda Universe, I used the paint scheme from The Wind Waker Darknut, and the shield was influenced by The Minish Cap.  To see more about Darknuts, go the the page on Darknut.

Please view the images below, which include action shots, comparison and construction pictures, pre-paint pictures, and photos of the original figure.