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Review – Power Team Elite FAV 11/9/12

November 9, 2012

Well this is a first for Chad & Matthew’s Custom, but I felt like this vehicle needed a review.

I own a few Power Team Elite vehicles (F-18, Jeep) and I love all of them. They always come with great accessories and have a nice amount of realism while staying very affordable. I picked this vehicle up at Big Lots for $10, and I am not disappointed.

Here is a good side view showing the top mounted machine gun, the side mounted grenade launcher, and removable shovel, bolt cutters, water cans, and pick axe. All the accessories except the shovel can be mounted on the vehicle.

Here are a views with five of the original Joes. I really love the VAMP and VAMP II, and this really has similar lines, plus the ability to hold a lot of Joes.

Here are some detail views of the hood mounted accessories including the bolt cutters, pick axe, and grenade launcher and swivel arm mount.

Here a some detail views of the interior including a cool radio, emergency brake, and gear shift. Also not the cool storage area for the water cans (one on each side).