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Ripped Straight From the… : Duke, Blizzard, and Captain Grid-iron

January 23, 2018

Here are my entries from’s Group Project, Ripped Straight from the…

I share a lot of nostalgia for the NES G.I. Joe game. Chad and I would frequently rent it from our local video store and eventually purchased it from there when they were clearancing old games.

I have seen other pixel based customs using G.I. Joe’s as well as NECA’s cool video game inspired collectables which we used for inspiration.

However, Chad and I went different directions. Chad started with a black base coat and painted the highlights (which is a superior method). I started mine like I normally would by painting all the base coat colors first and then “attempted” to add the shadows. I started with Captain Grid-iron and loathed the results. So much so that I started Grid-iron almost completely over.

Duke: Tiger Force First Sergeant Squad Leader

Blizzard: Arctic Assault Soldier

Capt. Grid-iron: Hand-to-Hand Combat Specialist


Kre-o Adventure Team Vehicles

January 8, 2018

Anyone familiar with the Adventure Team knows that there were some great vehicles. The various Kre-o lines gave me a few to work with and the recent Lego City Jungle sets are a gold mine for AT vehicles.

Big Trapper

This is definitely Big Trapper in name only, but provides a similar feel as the original. It is from the Cityville Skyscraper set.

Mobile Support Unit

Several of the Lego City Jungle sets would make for great AT sets (I’m looking at you “Jungle Exploration Site 60161”), but the Jungle Lab fit my size restrictions and budget. Vehicle can easily hold five minifigs.


Kre-o’s Battle Net Bumblebee was the first AT vehicle for my team. I replaced the Transformers logo with an AT one and I was good to go.

Kre-o Adventure Team

January 3, 2018

The Kre-o line gave us a great start to the Adventure Team, but it also meant that I wanted to complete the team. So here they are.

Adventure Team Commander

One of the easiest of the bunch. I used watercolor paint to dye his flocked hair. Entire figure is AT Commander and head is Cityville.


I went back and forth about just using a Doc torso, but ultimately used a custom sticker. Figure is Doc and head is Iceberg.

Man of Action

Another simple one. Removed the pockets from AT Commander. Not certain about whose head this is.

Sea Adventurer

Like the Adventurer, I could’ve used an existing torso (Cutter) but went the custom route. Also gave him an alternate outfit. Sailor version’s head and hair are Outback, torso Iceberg, arms Ozone, Legs Battleship. Diver is Air Adventurer with Wet Suit’s gear.

Air Adventurer

This one is not as much of a custom as it is an addition. Gave him Chuckles blonde hair along with a life vest and helmet, a la Fantastic Freefall.

Space Adventurer

The often forgotten Space Adventurer (as I like to call him). He was part of the Adventures of G.I. Joe line, but wasn’t carried over into the Adventure Team. Alternate outfit has him prepared for a Hidden Missile Discovery mission. Astronaut version’s head and hair are Chuckles, rest is Snow Job. Space Suit is made from Dungeon’s & Dragons.

Kre-o Class of 1985

December 30, 2017

It’s hard to believe that it has been over 2 years since I posted the Class of 1984 , but the Class of 1985 is finally here! I do have plans for 1986, but don’t hold your breath for 1987.

Airtight: Hostile Environment

For Airtight, I went for a mix of his v1 and v2 looks. Arms and legs are Blowtorch, waist and torso from a Transformer, and head is Battleship.

Barbecue: Firefighter

Some of you may have seen my Barbeque recipe a few years ago when I was asking for suggestions for headgear. Head is Transformers Windcharger, torso, arms, and waist are Alley Viper, and legs are Transformers.

Crankcase: AWE Striker Driver

I had originally planned on using the torso from Dungeons & Dragons Fighter, but opted to make a custom sticker to go along with the custom boots. Head is Footloose, torso and arms are Rock N Roll, waist and legs are Doc.

Frostbite: Snow Cat Driver

Probably the easiest of the bunch. I’ve seen others use Snow Job or Iceberg, but I like the clean, all-white look. Head is Clutch, torso, arms, waist and legs are Snow Job.

Heavy Metal: Mauler Driver

I’d seen others paint Wild Bills torso for Heavy Metal, but went the custom route here as well. Head is Leatherneck, torso and arms are Battleship, waist and legs are Flash.

Keel Haul: Admiral

I had toyed with the idea of adding a hair piece to him like I did my General Flagg, but it just didn’t look right. Instead, I painted his hair like Kre-o Dial-tone. Head is Bazooka, hat is Lego, torso and arms are Star Trek Nero, and waist and legs are Doc.

Shipwreck: Sailor

Shipwreck was is dire needs of Lego parts to get finished. I had planned on painting the parrot like Polly, but for the sake of getting 1985 finished, Shipwreck got a new bird. Head is Zartan disguise, torso and arms are Cutter, waist and legs are ripper.

Tollbooth: Bridgelayer Driver

Tollbooth was the one that had been holding this project up. Stickers gave me some trouble and I wanted to go a different route for the hammer, but decided to stick with this one. Boots and torso are custom stickers. Head and hat are Cityville, torso and arms are Tunnel Rat, waist and legs are Roadblock.

Nemesis Enforcer – Visionaries Style 11/10/16

November 10, 2016

It is hard to remember where this idea came from. Could have come from Sgt. Savage (which are 4.5″ figures like Visionaries) or from the Visionaries figures Chad and I hacked up for Joecustom’s Group Project Alien Invasion – Star Brigade Redux.

Where ever the idea came from, I am glad it stuck. I had originally planned on submitting this for the Joecustom’s Group Project Spirits vs Corpse, but like so many of my projects, it did not get finished.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. Rambo over at O-Ring Warrior Nation posted this incredible Predator custom using a Visionaries Cravex for the base. It got the juices flowing.

Some background on this project. If 3.75″ Joes are 1/18th scale, then they would stand 5’7.5″ tall in real life. A 4.5″ figure would stand 6’9″, thus making it possible that Visionaries and Sgt. Savage figures are compatible with 3.75″ Joes. Basic construction is where fairly simple. I went with the Goro head to pay homage to Pythona. I then toyed with using non-modded parts for the figure, but wasn’t happy with the direction. I started sculpting the legs and waist, which I was pleased with. But then came the torso…and the wings. I tried sculpting the torso, but just don’t have the patience. More on that later. I scoured the web (and brick and mortar stores) for wings that could work. Nothing satisfied. Fortunately Chad took it upon himself to custom make these wings for me. I can’t remember the exact process, but I think he made a skeletal structure out of styrene and covered it with latex. And the last shout out goes to Livevil, who sculpted the torso, and man I am glad he did. It really sells the figure.

Well, enough of my ramblings, here he is.

Head: MK Goro 95 (modified with Zanzibar hair)
Chest: Visionaries Cravex 87 (modified by Livevil)
Biceps: Visionaries Lexor 87
Forearms: Visionaries Leoric 87 (modified with Razorclaw blades)
Waist: Visionaries Cravex 87 (modified)
Thighs: Visionaries Cravex 87 (modified)
Feet: Visionaries Leoric 87 (modified)
Helmet- Toy Biz Magneto 91 (modified)
Wings- Custom (by chad_ghost)

Liberty: 2215 – Mainframe, Boone, and Lady Goins

September 9, 2016

Joecustom’s Liberty: 2215 group project is a continuation of Liberty: 2198 from way back in the early 2000s. To read more about this project and the project(s) that inspired it, visit here

For this project I created a holographic and robotic Mainframe and two Outbackers, Boone and Lady Goins. Click the link above for their backstories.


Squads – Urban Assault Squad

September 5, 2016

As I was submitting my Liberty: 2215 group project last night, I remembered that I had not posted my Joecustom’s Squad customs here. Take a look at the whole project here.

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time. Alley-Viper v2 is one of my favorite figures, so to build a squad around him was a no brainer to me. That along with the fact the Dr. Mindbender v2 had yellow Viper legs.

Rock-Viper is my favorite Cobra trooper, so for this I wanted to play up his sniper side. Painting yellow can be a pain, so I found that the black and gold from the Python Patrol Rock-Viper lending itself nicely to the Alley-Viper scheme.

Shock-Viper was a late addition. I originally planned for this slot to be filled by a Saw-Viper, but my Joe Urban fireteam didn’t have a machine gunner. The early 2000’s repurposing of Ice Cream Soldier as Shock-Viper sparked my interest. The file card is more of a flame trooper, but the Pursuit of Cobra Shock Trooper was more of an urban assault trooper, so the name worked for me as a door kicker.

Lastly is Tele-Viper. My Joe Urban fireteam didn’t include a communications guy. However, the yellow parts on the Python Patrol Tele-Viper caused him to be included (even though I repainted the yellow parts).

Here a finished shot of the group.